This is Zydegroove


What’s it about?

Zydegroove is a New York based zydeco band with one prime directive — to deliver the most irresistible dance grooves possible. Their signature country zydeco sound along with an unchained performance style sets this band in a category of it’s own.  Started by Laren Droll on accordion, Zydegroove has been brewing for many years and has coalesced around a remarkable group of fine musicians who love rhythm and love to zydeco.

Inspiration has come from many of the older generation Creole players, musicians like Delton Broussard, Boozoo Chavis, Boisec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot, and Calvin Carriere. These were all common people who played the French music that was their birthright. They were also generous in passing on all they could to any young players who entered their orbit. The old players are mostly all gone but Zydegroove continues to celebrate and give new life to the tunes they passed down.




Playlist (recorded live at Duke Island Park)

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